Motorola F3



нуждаюсь в сервисных кодах.
вот что удалось нарыть (правда часть у меня не работает):

The codes described here have a three asterisk prefix (***) and an asterisk suffix followed by the up action key ( * ) on the top left of the keypad.
***<code number>*↑. There are also (unrelated) codes for phone information details (* * 9 9 9 9 * ) and phone IMEI (* # 0 6 #).
Documented codes
The following are officially documented codes:
000 Reset Factory Settings
160|161 Restricted Calling (Phonebook only) ON|OFF
250|251 Keypad tones ON|OFF
260|261 Auto keypad lock ON|OFF
300 Set SIM Pin
310|311 SIM Pin ON|OFF
470 Select time format
500|501 Prepaid Balance Display ON|OFF
510|511 Voice Prompts ON|OFF
520 Change Language
642 Set Balance Inquiry Number
644 Set Voicemail number
• Toggling voice prompts is also possible by going to the ringer volume screen and pressing the action key.
Undocumented codes
Be advised that some of these undocumented codes can cause problems with the SIM-based address book, including a loss of data.
111 Display total time of accepted incoming calls
121 Display total time of outgoing calls
130|131 Minute reminder beep ON-OFF
400|401 Display cell information ON-OFF
402 List available networks with option to change to another network
480 Display network currently receiving service from
481 Display list of networks within range
643 View / Edit Service Centre Number (SMS Service)
700 Delete ALL stored messages
701 Enter SMS prepay query code (?)
743 How long an SMS is offered / will be tried to deliver (?)
When the Minute Reminder Beep feature (code 130|131) is ON, the phone beeps every one minute during a call. It helps to monitor the total time of conversation.


Такой же вопрос только по Z3. Или они аналогичны?

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mobile PhoneTools не хочет видеть Z3. Есть ли другая простая программка?
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